About Us

Trips of a lifetime are Independent bespoke personal travel consultants.

We have an extreme amount of knowledge of the travel world and wanted to provide personal travel advise with honest and reliable up to date information on all facilities available in our recommended featured locations.

 Our expert trip advisors have either lived or travelled to our chosen destinations and have experienced lots of activities and day excursions on land, air and the sea.

We have contacts based in England and Tenerife and can to be available for information  before, during and after your holiday.

Trips of a Lifetime was created especially for travellers who want to create a unique experience tailor-made to their personal preferences and want to enjoy the luxury of travelling without the stress and time needed to create a special event in your life.

Let us be your very own personal trip advisors. 

We go out of our way to research the perfect trip for you and your family.

We can assist you in all aspects of your trip decisions and help you find your dream holiday. Our bespoke travel services include finding availability, comparing prices and any information needed to book all your holiday activities and day excursions.

We have stayed in some of the world’s best hotels to some of the smallest boutique B&B's so  can advise you on the best accommodation especially for you.

We go far and wide to discover the best destinations in the world and experience lots of different customs and traditions to give you the most insightful trips of a lifetime

jetskiing St kitts & Nevis

We make sure you are informed of any relevant information you need to keep yourself and your family safe on your holiday.

We strive to keep up with local knowledge from each country we recommend visiting. keeping an eye on the ever-changing world we live and travel in.

Offering a bespoke travel service, you will get the holiday you desire with no time wasted leaving you to just enjoy and fit as much in to your holiday as possible.

 Your very own bespoke personal trip advisor, discuss your needs and we will be here to help before, during and after your holiday.

Trips of a lifetime act as agents to businesses supplying travel services, all bookings are to be paid direct by client to business supplying the individual service.