The Netherlands

Hemp museum Amsterdam

Since the 1970s the Amsterdam cannabis culture and the red-light district have played a large part of Amsterdam's tourist industry.

Thousands of tourists travel to Amsterdam every year looking for that bit of something different in the world of tourism.

We have expert bespoke travel advisors who can help you with all the travel services you may need before and during your visit to Amsterdam.

we offer you an expert tourist view of Amsterdam.

Looking for an extra special romantic break with your loved one, Amsterdam is perfect.

Rich in history with stunning breath-taking architecture at every turn,

Amsterdam truly is a city of culture.

Canal tours, Amsterdam

Amsterdam has over 200 cannabis coffeeshops finding them all can be very daunting and stepping into them can be even more daunting.

Trips of a lifetime has been travelling to Amsterdam for many years and seen many coffeeshops close due to the new legislation in the Dutch drug laws.

Still a lot of great smoking venues survive today and welcome tourists who want to enjoy the social side of cannabis smoking.

Call in keep warm from the cold arctic breeze with a large mug of hot chocolate and cream. 

Amsterdam coffeeshop

Don't know your Bulldog from your Bluebird coffeeshop not a problem trips of a lifetime will guide you around Amsterdam's coffeeshops by sending tourist route maps to your phone.

The Grasshopper Amsterdam

Having trouble finding Amnesia Coffee shop for some nectar Amnesia, going round in circles searching for the Anne Frank museum head to our services page we will guide you and send you route maps to your phone via text message or email 

route map
route map
We provide tourist route maps in all destinations.

Trips of a lifetime expert bespoke travel consultants will help you plan your trip and provide you with coffeeshop and museum route maps, so you will never be walking around in circles again.

Fancy getting out of the city to explore the rest of the Netherlands we can research availability and compare prices on all activities and excursions.

bike park Amsterdam
Bike park Amsterdam

We have contacts in Amsterdam and we can find you the best deals on hotels and hostels. Amsterdam has something for everyone, historical classic hotels to 5-star hotel chains.
Group bookings and stag hen Do's welcome at no extra fee.

Amsterdam hotel

Our expert Amsterdam bespoke travel consultants can advise you truthfully on each hotel location and accessibility to entrances and rooms.

We can plan your trip including any extra travel services you may need, rental transport, parking, restaurants and bars plus many others.

Amsterdam museum

Lost in Amsterdam, no surprise with over 100 museums in the city.

We can help you locate the museums of your choice in the city with route maps delivered to your phone via text or email.
Don't know your Rembrandt from your Van Gogh, we can recommend route maps of Museums and Art galleries from a start point at Central station or Dam Square or requested start point and interests for finish point, we will pick the recommended museums in the city. 

Central Statiom Amsterdam
Flower Market Amsterdam

Trips of a lifetime we do our research then all recommended businesses will be sent via email for you the client to decide which choices to book.